We use CAMWorks software to produce toolpath code for our CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines. This tolerance-based machining software seamlessly translates our SolidWorks designs into toolpaths for our machining centres. This eliminates the risk of any changes occurring between the approved design files and the machining files. This automated system also ensures that any design revisions are automatically uploaded into the machining files.

Toolmaking Facilities

Our integrated facility that combines the design and toolmaking processes ensures process optimisation for our customers. This means reduced manufacturing times, better parts and lower costs for our customers. We generally provide two types of tools:

Hardened Steel Production:
The creation of this tool type involves inserting and manufacturing cores and cavities from through-hardened steel. These tools are designed for extremely high production quantities of millions of parts and fast cycle times.

P-20 Steel Production:
This tooling is built from P-20 steel, with some parts being nitrided to give differential hardness for longer wear on moving components. These impressive tools can make many hundreds of thousands of parts.

CNC Machining Centres

NTD utilises Hass and Victor 3-axis machining centres with spindle speeds up to 15,000rpm. We use high-speed manufacturing toolpaths that take very shallow depths of cut at high feed rates. This allows us to remove material quickly and to follow the contours of the cavity very closely to produce fine surface finishes.

EDM Spark Erosion

Spark erosion is the process of removing metal as part of building your tool using electric current under carefully controlled conditions. Spark erosion allows us to develop the most intricate design details into our tools, including a huge range of surface finishes and textures that can be added to the cavity faces. This level of intricacy cannot be achieved with conventional machining tools.