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What we do

NTD Plastics is an injection moulding and toolmaking company based in Napier. Our aim is to partner with businesses to develop and manufacture world-class products by utilising our technological capability, integrated toolmaking and 50 years of experience.

At NTD, we’re there for the entire process – from design, tooling and production, through to assembly, packing and shipment. As an integrated supplier, a key focus for us is timely and clear communication utilising a single point of contact which minimizes the chance of problems. We understand that excellent communication and management is key to a successful project.

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Our Design Process


Product Design

Using the latest in SolidWorks 3D CAD Software, we can help develop your design ideas through to reality or refine your existing design to make it suitable for injection moulding. Designs can be 3D printed using our in-house machines to enable quick turnaround of physical parts for evaluation.


Product Analysis

Using our Moldflow software, we are able to simulate the injection moulding process, allowing changes in part geometry to be made and a range of materials to be trialled, all before we design or make the mould tool. This reduces the chance of costly tool modifications and speeds up the time from design to finished product.

Our Manufacturing Process



At NTD, our experienced toolmakers are keeping up with the latest technology. We use the latest generation CamWorks to optimise performance at every stage of the toolmaking process. With moulding performed on-site, different materials are easy to trial.

Injection Moulding

To cater to customers regardless of size, we’ve ensured that our contract moulding facility is capable of producing a wide variety of product sizes and production runs. That’s why our machines range from 50T to 380T capacity and shot sizes from a few grams to 1.5 kilograms, producing a variety of materials.

Post-Production Services

We can ensure that your product leaves our facility as a finished good, making the whole production process smoother, faster and less costly. The NTD Plastics Ltd team is efficient and quality-orientated when conducting post-mould operations.

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Our Customers


Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including consumer products, agriculture, electronics and industrial equipment. This means we’ve helped to create a range of high-quality products.

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Our case studies
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