At NTD, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility and consistently making sustainable choices. An aim to reduce the environmental impacts of the plastics industry rests at the very core of our business.

How we meet our goals:

We focus on minimizing the amount of material used by designing high-quality products. All the parts we make are designed to have a long lifespan to reduce wastage. This design involves the use of materials that will last many, many years.

During the moulding process, we regrind any sprues, rejects or start-up parts and feed them directly back into the moulding machine to reduce waste and material cost. We currently save more than 10 tonnes of plastic from reaching landfills each year.

We also aim to minimize the environmental impacts of transportation by carefully considering how parts can be efficiently packed and shipped. Our reusable crate system for packaging certain items has dramatically reduced the amount of cardboard waste we produce. This system is being expanded to our other products.

Finally, as we are based in New Zealand, we are able to take advantage of our country’s renewable energy sources, 87% of which come from hydro, wind and geothermal resources to assist in minimizing our impact on the environment.

As a result of our environmental efforts, NTD has been audited and accredited by Operation Clean Sweep – an international program designed to keep plastic pellets out of the marine environment. This means that NTD has adopted best practices under the operation and are committed to the ongoing protection of our waterways. For more details, see

How we assist our customers in meeting their goals:

We can help you reach your sustainability goals by making sure you have access to and knowledge of the most sustainable materials in the business. We’ve even helped a few of our customers achieve their B-Corp Certification. At NTD, we use a variety of post-consumer materials, recycled industrial materials and bio-based polymers to replace oil-based materials wherever possible. Our industry is constantly improving, and NTD aims to be a leader in that change.