XRS2 Stick Reader

Tru-Test are a world-leading agri-tech company making a range of products for farm and livestock management. NTD worked closely with the Tru-Test R&D team to develop the second generation of EID (electronic identification tag) stick readers.

The complete assembly included a front and rear case, antenna tube, ICD cradle, tube cap, and USB cap.

The front and rear case halves were a highly complex and challenging part of the project. We were able to use a single tool to make the two rigid case halves in a PC/PET material. An over-mould tool was used to precisely clamp the rigid substrate and seal off to create the handle. The NTD team also in-moulded the polycarbonate front window and made the o-ring which runs around the perimeter of the part, giving the XRS2 its watertight seal.

Check out this product on Tru-Test’s website: https://www.livestock.tru-test.com/en-nz/readers/xrs2-stick-reader