A24 Rodent Trap

Since 2009 NTD has been working closely with Goodnature – a Wellington-based company – to design, manufacture and assemble the A24 Rodent trap. This sophisticated pneumatic trap kills pests humanely before automatically resetting itself. It is Bluetooth connected to not only enable activations to be monitored by the user, but to also work in collaboration with other units to monitor pests in the community.

Despite the product’s complicated design, our use of sophisticated product analysis software – Moldflow – ensured that all the components worked from the outset. Even now, as the product continues to evolve, we use product analysis to seamlessly change to newer designs.

Furthermore, our experience in product design and careful selection of materials allowed the trap to function safely and successfully in a range of challenging environments. This aided in the A24 Rodent Trap becoming a leading trap not only in domestic markets but in international markets as well.

Check out the Goodnature website: https://goodnature.co.nz/products/smart-trap-kit.